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Web Design services

Websites are the way of the future for accessing the World Wide Web from any browser, even mobiles!

Would you like to know the stages that we adopt?


Stage 1: Take Web Design Seriously

To profit, gain business, compete, and eventually succeed online, you must own the highest-level website available today, complete with CMS, CRM, Systems, Software, and all functions and features tailored to your business and market.


Stage 2: The Web Design

The moment your project launches, your offices, stores, apartments, all fully furnished, with Interior Decoration should be designed & developed to impress!


Stage 3: Web Development & Design

With such a High-End Level Website, any individual to any size Corporation, Associations, NGO, Business, Retailer, or Agency, Store, are now all equal Online with the same equivalent website that no money can BUY you more or better! Thanks to modern technologies like as HTML5, Advanced PHP Programming, MySQL for Databases, and a handful of existing TOP CMSs, CRMs, eCommerce, Web 2.0 software, systems, and 1000’s of Components and Modules, we can automate your growth!


Stage 4: Your website is now operational.

Ever tried of living in two worlds? There is the real world and then there’s the virtual world!

Traditional media such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and flyers are used to portray markets in the real world.

Online? You now have legal ownership of your television stations, radio stations, magazines, newspapers, and billboards!

Do you require the services of advertising firms? What are marketing agencies? PR? Consultants?

Spend millions of dollars on their campaigns and see for yourself what kind of results you receive.


Stage 5: Managing and Operating Your Websites and Web Projects

Are you an entrepreneur that works from home? Or do you have a company with more than 2000 employees?


What’s Next?  Are you still thinking about it?

Hire Moka the Web Designer to build you what is a must-have now the High-End website to benefit get the practical result you deserve and compete to beat!

With this Level? You are set, ready, and you own it all now to have it all later!

From Scratch to Success! Guaranteed!


MOKA the Web Designer for Web Design & Web Development Processes:


1- The Process of Web Design & Web Designing Begin:

Moka’s goal is to make the client completely satisfied. Every project, no matter how big or little, is assigned to a dedicated Senior Project Manager. To enable you to dominate online in the short and long term, we ensure that we thoroughly grasp your overall business needs, business organization and management, your market, and your competitor’s market.


2- Web Designers Research before the Web Design (UI = User Interface)

Moka the UX/UI designer and Senior Project Manager ensures that any Businesses, Corporations, Stores, Retailers, NGOs, and Companies, regardless of their size or market, are taken from scratch to success, leading to a higher level and thus online success.

Moka the Designer creates the most visible Web Design part of any Website, System, Software, and so on within a few business days. The Main Menu, Drop Down Menus, and all navigation required to organize the complete project to suit all systems and corporate organizations online are defined as STRUCTURE.


3- Web Design Process

Web Projects and Web Portfolio speaks for themselves. Moka the UX/UI Designer leads you to perfection while keeping in mind your full satisfaction and all the Web Design services.

Moka’s Work is based on:

-100% Client satisfaction and approvals regardless of how many man-hours the project requires.

-100% Perfect Responsive Design working for all desktop and mobile browsers.

-Moka the professional Web Designer ensures that from day 1, all projects to be very robust and competitive in Google and all other search engines.

-Since size and Quality matter, by default, we add and guarantee that all systems contain CMS/CRM and tens of other components and modules customized for your business organization and web growth.

What will Moka the UX/UI Designer provide you with?

  • Moka the UX/UI Designer will give you the image that you deserve.
  • He’ll make your website more valuable and expensive.
  • Visitors will spend a long time on your site.
  • Increases your page views.
  • Increases repeat visitors.
  • Most importantly, to get you, visitors, from Google for FREE and for LIFE.

This whole process and experience are highly critical to start the design of the Home Page. Despite the man-hours involved, Moka the Web Designer will work with you to nail and earn your 100% Template approval.


4- Web Design Navigation: (UX = Users Experience)

That’s where the professional Moka gets the client’s approval for the full Home Page design and structure before moving forward with the development of the rest of the pages.


5- Websites Online on our Web Development Server(s)

Moka the UX/UI Designer automatically places the entire Website on his online development server after Template and Structure approval, allowing clients to monitor, observe, and keep updated about the process, progress, and updates as we work on each project every day!


6 – Web CMS/CRM/ADMIN Access

Now that your project is live on our development server, it is being managed by a highly-skilled Webmaster who is in charge of creating HTML5 navigation codes and putting all of the pages together.

Meanwhile, the amazing Moka works with the client to gather all input, recommendations, and approvals for the ideal project before beginning to add content.


7 – Web Content:

Moka the UX/UI Designer is in charge of making sure that your resources are included in all Inner Pages, with bespoke designs that give them a modern, professional, and, of course, responsive appearance. All of this is accomplished with the approval and satisfaction of the client.

Moka the web designer provides complete online content writing as well (Copywriting) packages as well as translation services.


8-Web Delivery and Going Online

Your project is now ready to go live just a few weeks after it began. This stage usually accounts for only 10% of the total time, and it requires the customer to approve the entire Process and System in order to complete the full Delivery. At this point in the Web Development & Web Design Process, 90% of the work is now completed.


9-After Web Delivery

Moka the UX/UI Designer strongly advises his clients to contribute to, update, and work on their websites on a daily basis, if at all possible. This will aid in the increase of traffic and visitors to the website. Moka the Web Developer and his client will collaborate to adjust, adapt, and make adjustments as needed to get the most user-friendly website possible. Working on and improving your project will always result in the best outcomes and outcomes.

To stay active and compete with others online, your website must be updated and altered on a regular basis. Remember that your website is your complete internet business; as you develop, so must your website. And if you don’t, it’ll be a waste of time.


10-Web Design Customer Support:


Moka’s Customer Support promises that we will personally assist you with your online project in order to ensure its success.

Moka the UX/UI Designer provides you with the following for Web Design services


– Assistance over the phone

– Customer service via email

– Assistance via Live Chat

– Getting access to the client’s desktop in order to fix and resolve any issues that arise from the users’ perspective!

Once your website is gone LIVE, you’ll need Moka to “WORK FOR YOU PLAN” in order to keep your website growing and usable in order to keep your competitive edge. It’s how professionally Moka succeeds and competes to beat when its clients dominate their web markets!

This is intended and implemented so that Moka the Web Designer can handle and can serve the customer in a professional manner, as if the client had recruited and formed their own IT department.

Following the launch of the website, Moka the UX/UI pledges to provide the customer with the necessary man-hours to maintain and enhance the value of their projects, including:

Graphics design-Webmaster hours- Programming hours-IT hours-Server admin hours- Data Entry hours-

Internet Marketing consultancy.

11- Web Designers Training

  • Each Web Client and Web Project will receive a Customized Web Manual from Moka the UX/UI. This manual includes screenshots that demonstrate how to utilize CMS/CRM/ADMIN (BACKEND)
  • For local clients, a one-on-one training session is possible.
  • Clients from the local area (C- None):

The professional Designer Moka provides each client to use their Backend to manage, run, and develop their business successfully.

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